The Adopt-A-Highway Program started in Nova Scotia in 1992 when the Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia, Lions Clubs of Nova Scotia, and Clean Nova Scotia met with the Department of Transportation and Public Works to answer the following question, “How do we combat litter along Nova Scotia’s highways?” In 1992 the AAH Program was initiated as a pilot project that included only 18 cleanup groups. By 1997, with the help of the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program was officially launched. Nova Scotians took to the program and it quickly grew to approximately 100 groups by 1999 and 150 groups by 2001.

Adopt a Highway - Amec Group

In 2002, the program expanded to include the cleaning of 100-Series Highway Interchanges, also known as Exit Ramps. The Annual Litter Sweep Contest was also introduced, awarding prizes for the most unusual item found during the Spring Cleanup. You can see our Litter Sweep Contest tab for more details and information on how to enter the contest. Additionally, the same year, we were honoured to be awarded the designation of Adopt-A-Highway Day, which falls each year on May 4th. We would not be The Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program without the infamous Adopt-A-Highway roadway signs. These roadway signs inform the public that the section of roadway or interchange has been adopted, while also acknowledging and rewarding the groups with the recognition they so greatly deserve. The road signs also inform motorists that the roadway is regularly cleaned; therefore, deterring motorists from littering along that section. A new style of road sign was introduced in 2006.  A one-piece design replaced the older two-piece sign making them easier to maintain and view. Each year, we hold a Volunteer Information Session (VIS) to thank and educate our amazing volunteers. It is an event that we take great pride in and invite all of our volunteer groups to attend. In 2012 we decided to take the VIS on the road and hold it in a different part of the province every year. Since then we have held our VIS all over the province, hosting in Port Williams, Truro, Mahone Bay, and Joggins. Today, thanks to our great volunteers, the AAH Program reaches all corners of the province. With that being said, we still have many roads that deserve adopting. Please visit our How to Adopt and Benefits of Adopting sections of our website. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on our rewarding program.

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