Litter Sweep Contest

The Litter Sweep Contest is our annual contest that awards volunteer groups with an opportunity to win cash prizes! Groups submit pictures of the most unusual piece of litter found along their adopted route during their spring cleanup to our office. The first place winners will receive $200.00, second place $100.00, and third place $50.00. The winner’s pictures may also be featured on our website, social media, and our newsletter LITTERature. This year, we are awarding every entry to the Litter Sweep Contest! Everyone who submits a photo will win a reusable straw that includes a holder and cleaner.

The Litter Sweep Contest runs for the duration of our clean-up season.

To enter your have three options:

1) Here on our website, scroll down!

2) Forward a picture and a brief description of the item(s) to our office via email at

3) Upload the picture and description to your social media account, tag us, and use the hashtag: #LitterSweepContest

We look forward to receiving your 2021 contest submissions.

We are currently closed for the season. Check back in the Spring of 2022 for Registration.

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