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Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway

The Nova Scotia Adopt a Highway Program provides organizations, volunteer groups, and businesses the opportunity to contribute to local communities and our province by removing litter from roadsides or interchanges (exit ramps). After a cleanup our province benefits in many different ways; instantly the appearance of the province improves, the environment is aided, tourism is strengthened, and wildlife’s attraction to roadways is reduced.

Litter is a real problem in Nova Scotia and we want to change that. In 2019, the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway took over the delivery of the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program. Now the Adopt-A-Highway will be able to broaden their reach and remove even more litter from Nova Scotia than ever before. The Adopt-A-Highway is excited for the future with this new endeavor and are eager to support community-based clean-ups in addition to their roadside litter clean-ups.

Litter is an eyesore, poses health risks, affects water quality, and is often mistaken as food by wildlife. As well,  studies show that litter begets litter, meaning people tend to litter in areas where there is already garbage on the ground.

Join thousands of other Nova Scotians in making our province beautiful and healthy.

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