Clean Up Map – Great NS Pick Me Up

Every year thousands of Nova Scotians register their clean-ups with the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program. Every registered clean-up, both public and private, are showcased on our map. If you are interested in joining a clean-up, and the clean-up is marked public, please reach out to the team coordinator to let them know you want to join in on their fun! Or, register your own clean-up and create your own team to help give back to our beautiful province.

Public Groups

Some groups choose to hold multiple cleanups a year! These cleanups are open to the public, and free for anyone to join. They take place province-wide, so no matter where you are, you can find one to join! Below is the information for existing groups that work with us, that are always looking for more volunteers to join!

Scotian Shores

Scotian Shores is a group that cleans shorelines all across Nova Scotia. They hold hundreds of cleanups a year across every county and want to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the current plastic pollution crisis. They even have a clean-up email alert list, where you can be notified about the next upcoming cleanup! If you are interested in joining one of their cleanups, here is how you can reach them:


Phone: 902-471-4073


Instagram: @ScotianShores

Facebook: Scotian Shores


Across the world, individuals are working together and competing in challenges to make a huge impact and change the state of litter! Nova Scotia has recently adopted this app, and is determined to make a difference. Work with other Nova Scotians to help us make our mark!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download the ‘Litterati’ app! It’s available on all app stores for free!
  2. Create an account! This can be a personal one, one shared between a family, or a group! You can make the name your personal one, or your cleanup team’s name. If you wish to share one between multiple people (such as a group), make sure that you agree on one person to act as the contact for the account and group. This step is extremely important, because without an account it treats it as if you aren’t participating!
  3. Join our challenge: You can find our challenge by going to ‘Challenges’ – ‘Nearby Challenges’, opening the PMU2022 one and clicking ‘PARTICIPATE’. If this doesn’t work, you can also find us via our unique challenge code!
    • #PMU – The PMU challenge is for everyone across the province! It’s a great way to participate casually in the program – whether you clean up a little every day or just want to track what you find in between official clean-ups, this may be a great option for you! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures with #PMU! CODE: PMU2022
    • CleanHRM – The CleanHRM challenge is for anyone in the HRM to join! Compete against others in your municipality to clean up your area and see how large of a difference you can make! CODE: CLEANHRM