First Place Winner:
The Lake Echo and District Lions Club found several boxes of live ammunition and a rifle scope. They immediately contacted the RCMP who promptly arrived at the scene to remove the items. The Lake Echo and District Lions Club had a very successful litter cleanup this year with extra help from The Lakers Ball Club players, coaches, parents, members of the LE Seniors club, and community residents with a grand total of 35 participants!

Live Ammunition

Lake Echo and District Lions Club Litter Sweep Contest Entry

Second Place Winner:
Congratulations go out to St. James United Church. They completed their spring cleanup and found this love letter! They have captioned the entry as “Young Love, True Love”, how fitting! We hope that this letter found its way to Gabriel before ending up along the St. James United Church’s cleanup route. The St. James United Church cleans Exit 32 on Highway 7 in Antigonish.

Love Letter

St. James United Church – Antigonish

Third Place Winner:
RO-WIN-LEA 4-H found a kitchen in their cleanup, or at least all the necessary items in a kitchen. The cleanup included: a bread maker, microwave, and a refrigerator. The cleanup took place in June; they had 12 participants, and collected approximately 20 bags of garbage in under three hours.

Kitchen Found


Missed this year’s contest?
Next year’s contest will run from April to June 2018. To enter, please send us a picture of any unusual litter that you find during your cleanup, by July 13, 2018. Please send a brief description and your pictures by email to, or to our office by mail before the above deadline. The winners will be announced in the Fall 2018 newsletter.