Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up

The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up is Nova Scotia’s largest volunteer-driven community clean-up program, promoting litter clean-ups across the province. Since its inception in 1992, the program has provided free supplies and support to participants who wish to carry out community-based clean-ups. In 2019, the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway took over the delivery of the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Program. With this program’s addition, the Adopt-A-Highway will have more ways to fight the litter that plagues the province. Ultimately, the two programs’ marrying will aid the Adopt-A-Highways journey towards their vision of a litter-free Nova Scotia.

With approximately eighty percent of water debris and litter originating from land, a land-based clean-up not only effects the appearance of our province, aid wildlife, and strengthen tourism it also makes a significant impact in our waterways. Additionally, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic impacts, our litter trends have changed with new litter types identified in Nova Scotia. These new litter types, such as face masks, will ultimately make their way to our waterways. By completing a clean-up with our programs anywhere in our province, no matter how big or small, you significantly impact our environment, tourism, oceans and waterways, and wildlife.

Litter is an eyesore, poses health risks, affects water quality, is often mistaken as food by wildlife. Consequently, after a clean-up, our province benefits in many different ways; instantly, the province’s appearance improves, the environment and our waterways are aided, tourism is strengthened, and wildlife’s attraction to roadways is reduced.

Every Litter Bit Helps!


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