Benefits of Adopting

The Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program offers organizations, volunteer groups, and businesses the opportunity to contribute to their community and province by removing litter from roadsides. Here are just a few examples of why you should adopt today:

Its Free!

We provide all necessary equipment.

It Feels Great!

Take pride in knowing that you have contributed to the beautification of our province, improved the environment, and benefited tourism.

You Look Good!

Everyone looks good in an orange safety vest with a garbage bag accessory!

No Heavy Lifting! 

When your group stumbles upon a large/heavy item or animal carcass you can flag the area, with the provided flagging tape, and a member of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and Renewal (TIR) will remove the item for you.


After two completed cleanups your group can request their Adopt-A-Highway signs, which are installed at no cost to your group. These signs are also proven to help deter future littering.

Involve the Young Ones!

Our youth, provided they meet the age requirement, can benefit greatly from learning the satisfaction of a job well done.


Refundable items and money are common items found during cleanups, please keep them and put them towards your fundraising efforts.

Be Sociable!

A cleanup is a great way to get to know members of your group.


We ask that groups pledge their commitment to clean their adopted roadways in three year increments; however, we know life be hectic and if you need to stop or defer your commitment we understand.


Reduces Wildlife Collisions!

One reason wildlife is attracted onto roads is the presence of food and garbage. One way to prevent vehicle collisions with wildlife is to minimize on road and roadside litter, and to never throw food waste out the window. Wildlife being attracted to roadways by garbage increases the chances of vehicle and wildlife collisions, especially with scavenger birds and animals. Adopting a roadway, and having your signs posted, is a great way to reduce this risk for motorists and wildlife alike. For more information on this problem please visit Watch For Wildlife.


Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway is funded by
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