When choosing forms you must first figure out which type of roadway you will be cleaning, please see the following breakdown:

100 Series Highways
For safety reasons, cleanups along 100-Series Highways are not permitted.

HRM Roadways
The Halifax Regional Municipality maintains a portion of the roads located within Halifax County.
HRM Adoption Application
HRM Cleanup Permit

Provincial Roadways
Any roadway that is not maintained by HRM and is not a 100-series highway is considered a provincial roadway; this includes both roadways and interchanges/exit ramps.
Roadway Application Form
Roadway Cleanup Permit
Interchange Application Form
Interchange Cleanup Permit

Both HRM and provincial roadways are available for cleanup and adoption subject to availability and safety concerns. If you are not sure which roadway your desired location is, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Cleanup Report Submission
Click Here to submit the collection details from your cleanup.

Report A Damaged Sign
Click Here to report a damaged or downed Adopt-A-Highway sign.

Litter Sweep Contest
Click Here to submit entries and learn more about the contest.

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