Government of Nova Scotia
Proclaims May 4th Adopt-A-Highway Day

For the thirteenth year in a row, the Government of Nova Scotia is proclaiming May 4th Adopt-A-Highway Day.  In doing so, the Government of Nova Scotia recognizes the efforts of the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program and its volunteers.  The program offers organizations, volunteer groups, and businesses the opportunity to contribute to their province and community by removing litter from roadsides. “The sense of pride our volunteers take in their work is something to celebrate” says Coni Murray, Chair of the Adopt-A-Highway Program “We are very happy that the Government has decided to once again honor our program and volunteers in this way.”

Since the program’s inception in Nova Scotia, 1000 kilometers of roadway and 18 exits have been ‘adopted’. Volunteers work diligently, removing over 3300 bags of garbage and recyclables from our roadways in the last year alone. By removing this unpleasant and unnecessary material the province’s appearance is improved which in turn is aiding tourism, benefiting the environment, and reducing the attraction of wildlife to roadways.

This year the Adopt-A-Highway Program is celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary. In recognition of this, the program is seeking additional volunteers in an effort to expand the program and continue to contribute to the betterment of the province. Countless roads and exits are still available and would greatly benefit from adoption.

Amy Langille, Program Administrator of the Adopt-A-Highway Program says “Adopting a roadway is easy, free, and with all the litter in Nova Scotia it is a very rewarding volunteer endeavour.” and continues to say “We are very proud of May 4th being Adopt-A-Highway Day in Nova Scotia. We are looking forward to the successful years ahead, continuing to preserve the provinces beauty, aiding the environment, and helping to protect wildlife.”  The fourth of May is Adopt-A-Highway day but the provinces roadways need help year round. Volunteer today, every LITTER bit helps!